Planning DC’s Energy Future

How we choose to travel and the way electricity is delivered to our homes, offices, and schools impacts our air, water, waste, and health in DC, as well as our economic well being.

This Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP) will provide a vision, strategies, key initiatives, and energy reduction plans to help everyone in DC achieve our energy goals while improving our environment. The plan will include energy program recommendations, along with timelines and milestones. The CEP will be reviewed, modified, or expanded over time, based on performance of the programs versus goals.

Community Participation

EnergySmart DC Roundtable Discussion: Energy & the Business Community

Monday, 3 June 2013

Thanks to those who joined us on Monday, June 3 at DDOE to discuss energy issues that affect DC Businesses. We'll be posting video and notes here shortly, and welcome your comments in the meantime!

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