5 Myths Associated with Transgender Women and Sex Busted

There are several myths associated with transgender women and sex. Let’s understand some myths and how it affects their sexual activities.

Myth 1 – Transgender women look feminine due to surgery

The society is educated from TV shows that trans women undergo sex orientation surgery, which transforms their body. They get amazing ass, vagina transplant, perky boos, and a new face. It is all wrong! The majority of medical regimen begins with HRT [Hormonal Replacement Therapy] and not surgery.

The T-girls body receives more estrogen, which triggers noticeable physical changes. In some feminization occurs quickly, while others take some years. In the first year of hormone replacement therapy the trans women experiences –

  • Big pupils
  • Soft and thin skin
  • Sweat smell lessens
  • Drop-in muscle mass
  • Hair turns less wavy
  • Breasts starts to develop
  • Body hair growth slows down and becomes thinner
  • Penis skin softens
  • Fat starts to accumulate around the rear and hips

HRT impacts a lot on how the trans woman will enjoy sex. As the penis does not work as it should, they cannot expect the same good feeling. It is not a personal failure that the T-girl cannot cum but this does not mean she will not enjoy having intimacy.

Tip- Never assumes that an escort trans prefers to top, so when you make a booking ensure to discuss this in advance.

Myth 2 – Transgender with penis prefer to top

It is a wrong belief that the penis means male, masculinity, and penetrating. A girl having a dick does not mean she will like to penetrate. You need to think about a T-girl’s genitals as a woman’s genitals. Many T-women find it uncomfortable to have penetrative sex. Topping makes her feel as if she is fulfilling the role of the male gender.

If the trans women are on HRT, then the penis will be sensitive and soft and cannot reach full erection. It cannot handle the pressure, grip, and force like a genetic male’s penis. Fortunately, trans women can enjoy penetrative sex with ED medication.

Myth 3 – All the trans women prefer bottoming

From the above discussion don’t assume that everyone prefers to bottom. It is personal preference, so discuss this with your trans girlfriend or escort before hooking. What kind of sexual activities a T-girl prefers is personal, so communicate!

Myth 4 – To enjoy sex hard penis is essential

We live in a phallocentric society, where dick needs to be rock solid to satisfy her sexually. People having small or soft penises are considered as incapable to enjoy libido. It is all a myth. People can enjoy sex in several ways without an erection. In the crotch of a trans girl, there is a web of nerves, which get aroused with touching and fingering. Get to know the location and get a better insight to have a pleasurable experience.

Myth 5 – Trans women is a synonym for horny and kinky

There are some trans women, who are keen to experiment something new that their cis counterparts say no to. However, even T-girls have their preferences, boundaries, and tastes. It does not mean that being trans the women are kinky and horny. It is their body, which goes against the heteronormative and cisnormative mold.

Good communication and patience are the best approach to enjoy sex with transgender women!