Hormones and Acne

You may have noticed that as a child there was little to no problem with acne. It was not until puberty that acne became something to worry about. The reason is the hormones. Hormones that are produced during puberty are known as androgens. These can cause the glands in the skin, which produce oil to become over stimulated and thereby create an excess amount of oil within the skin.

Add to this an increase in dead skin cells and the normal bacteria of the skin and you have the perfect recipe for acne. In women due to the increasing and decreasing of hormones during the month, there may be more sensitive to these conditions during the menstrual cycle. Sensitivities can also occur during pregnancy and during menopause and are also related to hormone levels.

Hormones do not actually cause acne they merely provide the physiological reaction necessary for acne to have a chance at forming. Adult acne, however, may be caused by a variety of things; this could be anything from synthetic hormones, to diet and lifestyle.

There are ways however that you can help control your body’s reaction to hormones. The first thing to do is to avoid stress. This is because stress can cause certain hormones in the body to overproduce. This, in turn, stimulates the glands of the skin and excess oil is produced.

Relaxation and exercise are also important in order to keep the body healthy and stress reduced. It also helps to flush toxins from the body and prevents them from building up in the system.

Hormones and Acne

If you are prone to acne, avoid things like caffeine, which may stimulate the production of hormones within the body.

Hormones can be found in plastics so if you are especially sensitive avoid foods and drinks, which come in plastic containers.

Be sure to eat healthily, drink plenty of water and avoid non-organic foods whenever possible.

You may also want to try changing your diet to a fruits and vegetable base rather than meat and dairy this may help to prevent the over stimulation of hormones along with other acne treatment options.

Hormones can have a significant impact on the breakouts of acne that you have by taking the time to stay healthy, reduce stress and exercise you can enjoy the benefits of seeing a reducing in the appearance of acne breakouts and a reducing in the severity of the breakouts you do get.