The best leg workout for power in rugby

In contrast to strength, power is the capability to move weight over a period of time. Strength is the ability to lift weight, while power is your ability to lift weight fast, and they are closely related. This means that the faster you are able to move the same weight, the more power you will exert.

The most effective way to increase power is to get stronger. The best rugby players on the field are usually the most powerful, with high-level rugby requiring significant technical skill, agility and endurance. Increasing your power is guaranteed to make you a better rugby player. Here’s the best leg workout for power in rugby.

Back squat

The most fundamental leg workout, the back squat will help your legs become faster and stronger than any other routine. However, it is essential that you use the right technique in order to avoid injury to your back or knees.

Powerful legs often begin with the back squat using a barbell, and this is the core of the best leg workout for power. Ensure that you’re perfectly tense and also aligned when moving under the bar for setting up the squat, which gives you the right shape. Practice your set up correctly, which will give you the best chance to succeed.

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Front squat

The front squat helps increase core strength and hip flexibility, which are extremely useful areas for rugby players. It is a great exercise to add core work under tension while not needing to focus on it exclusively.

Changing your position for squats during your workout is also a great way to engage minor muscle groups, as the stabilising muscles you use in this exercise are different to the back squat. This will give you better gains in hypertrophy and strength.

The best leg workout for power in rugby
Box jump

Lastly, the box jump will help increase your speed, and this is a very effective movement for developing power. In order to become more powerful, you must be fast. Box jumps are a great display of relative strength, athleticism and power, and are a great exercise for almost every sport.

If you are struggling with this exercise, choose a lower height for your box setup, as improving vertical acceleration and speed is the aim of your workout, rather than box height.

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