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Ireland is a beautiful country with a historical backdrop. A great hue of stone castles, green hills, Guinness beer, is all the country’s specialty along with the high city life in Dublin. With all the fun to do here, it’s hard not to have a good time in Ireland. Ireland being a small island in the North Atlantic makes it easy to explore a significant part within a few days of your trip. It’s a wonderland where you can walk in and never leave unhappy. Use this travel guide on your journey to Ireland and know all the best things to do!

Top things to Do and See in Ireland

Okay, so the list is a never-ending one but I have managed to pick a few mindboggling yet subtle places to visit in Ireland.

Get down in the high Life of Dublin

Ireland’s capital Dublin is a city of joy and fun.  Once in the city, you are in no shortage of pubs and city’s best pint. The music, Georgian architecture and ‘craic’ have made the city one of Europe’s most famous locations.

Drool over the cliffs of Moher

The famous cliffs stretch for 8 kilometres across the Atlantic coast with a height of 214 meters. The Cliffs of Moher are varied with species of exotic birds and picturesque view of the surrounding. Although it’s landscape view takes over our eyes and minds, beware of the fog! It gets cloudy to a point where you cannot even see the cliff. Look for the weather before you head out.

Wander around Galway

Galway is a famous tourist spot and is renowned for its horse racing festival that happens annually in July. You must see Connemara, where ‘The Quiet Man’ was filmed and dance along Ed Sheeran’s “Galway Girl”.

A trail along the Ring of Kerry

Another name for Iveragh Peninsula, Ring of Kerry is a well-trodden tourist trail in Ireland. You might see well-known photographers from around the world looking for that one shot as this place is a beauty beyond words and pictures.

Visit a castle and kiss the Blarney Stone

It is known to all, Ireland is full of castles and stone sculptures and is covered with solid history. From the well preserved Cahir castle to the ruins of Dunluce Castle, these divine structures are hard to ignore. The Blarney Stone has a quirky story of bringing good luck upon kissing, and tourists have been following this tradition for ages now. Try your luck!

Other than this, you have a lot of other things to do like:

Ultimate Irish Travel Blog

Spot whales in Cork

Visit the Aran Islands

Visit the Ulster Museum

Go to the Guinness Storehouse

Enjoy a traditional Irish night show in Dublin

Travel and expense

Here we come to the toughest part of any journey, money!

Accommodation, travel, sightseeing, food, drinks, etc. everything needs enough money. So let’s discuss money and find out ways to save on the trip to stop overspending.


A hostel dorm averages about 10-20 EUR for a night whereas a private room for two ranges about 40-60 EUR with private bathrooms and some even include breakfast. While in cities like Dublin, the prices hike up a bit more than usual. Airbnb offers shared rooms for the price as low as 15EUR for a night, and an entire house for 50 EUR give or take. You can save some cash on accommodation by using exclusive voucher codes and free coupons from Deal Voucherz. The cards are worth a helping hand. Also, online bookings offer some extra discount, and such tickets with it are like a cherry on the icing!


You can save on food by eating at the pub where they provide food local Irish meal, and it will keep you from zeroing your wallet. A fast food item will cost you minimum 4 EUR while a more delightful dinner with a drink might go beyond 15 EUR. There are offers for “early bird” at restaurants which might help you get a good deal.  You are less likely to cook your food while on a journey, and it may also cause wastage. The best option is local food with the local people at the pub!


The best part about Ireland is its friendliness. Whether on a bus or a train, you can expect a smiling face and friendly vibe everywhere. Public transportation is the best in Ireland with free wifi, timely departures and minimal cost. Bus trips around cities for a single journey cost 2 EUR while a 2.5 to 3 hours journey to some other town costs an average of 50-60 EUR. Taxis here are expensive and needless as most of the distance between the cities is walkable. You can also use the ridesharing service BlaBlacar with the locals to save some more cash.


The Guinness Brewery is the most expensive of all, costing 25 EUR at the entrance! If you are keen to visit the place, book online in advance and save 10-12%. A trip to the countryside is less expensive and might set you back 36 EUR compared to a day in the city. A student ID is worth many offers at the museums and bus trips throughout the country, so make sure you bring your kid’s ID along.

That’s all folks! Take notes and have a happy journey.