Why Stretch Mark Reduction Creams Don’t Work and How Eporex PDRN HP Nucleo Vital Does

Our skin has a natural obstacle made up of skin cells as well as lipids. In between them they make up the skin obstacle which is crucial to secure the body from environmental damage. The skin barrier is awesome as well as is the reason creams as well as ointments have a minimal effect in reducing stretch marks, as they just could not permeate it. Especially those ingredients commonly advertised for the repair of skin which has a big molecular size, such as PDRN HP Nucleo Vitaland most kinds of hyaluronic acid. Some creams might integrate ingredients which try to lessen this barrier however they are not entirely successful; nor would you want them to be as the skin obstacle executes an important feature in protecting the body.

Clinically representated


Eporex and also the PDRN Stretch Mark Reduction therapy introduces its energetic ingredients, comprising of vitamins, minerals and also amino acids, through the skin obstacle and directly to where brand-new cells are being produced, where they function to regenerate the cells from the inside-out. It does this thanks to its distinct and also trademarked technology known as Isophoresis.

Isophoresis is innovation based upon a broad variety of clinically tried and tested studies as well as Nobel prize winning research study. It integrates a harmony of techniques utilizing reduced level modulated wave types which, when put on the skin, disrupt the skin obstacle function. This after that triggers tiny channels to open up whereby the turned on ingredients are thrust. The cells can after that use the ingredients to regenerate the tissue and normalize the skins’ colour.