WWE SUPERCARD HACK Smackdown Evaluation

As the program opened up, Mr. McMahon claimed that Style had actually mistakenly called Undertaker the No. 1 Challenger at Reaction. Vince claimed that Panache failed to remember that the board of supervisors had actually claimed that whoever won the coin throw for the draft would certainly not just win the initial choice in the draft, however likewise the right to choose the No. 1 challenger at Reaction.


Angle was established to fulfill Side in individually activity later on in the program, however initially, Angle had a couple of points to state regarding the No. 1 challenger area. Kurt claimed he had Three-way H, having actually beaten him a lot more times than any person else in the business. He claimed he had 26 various other factors– however, as he talked, he was disrupted by Chris Jericho’s entry! For more wwesupercard.qmsconsultants.com

WWE SUPERCARD HACK Smackdown Evaluation

Jericho called Angle pompous, as well as claimed there was no means the Olympian was worthy of the title shot. Jericho stated he was the only one that should have a shot because he was the very first Undisputed Champ. Jericho stated currently not just did he not have a rematch. However, the group was calling him a has-been! Jericho claimed they might go back and also forth all evening, and also they recommended an individual suit tonight, with the champion dealing with Three-way H at Reaction.

The group shouted “has-been” at Jericho, as well as Y2J stated he would certainly verify he had not been a has-been by taking the championship versus Three-way H. He asked Angle exactly how he liked it, as well as Angle claimed he really did not like it one little bit. Angle joked that Jericho’s pursuit for a title shot “has been” finished, and also Jericho mentioned that the last he dealt with Angle each various other, he had beat Angle, so what does that make the Olympian?